Olivia Hegarty for TRAIDremade

13.Olivia-Hegarty-for-Traidremade-1 14.Olivia-Hegarty-for-Traidremade-2

In tandem with a Percival collaboration, Traid invited me to design and produce a capsule collection of womenswear pieces using their fabrics.  All garments were manufactured locally in the UK using high quality materials that would have been wasted, had they not been donated to Traid.  The collection featured an oversized double-breasted coat in various heavy wools, a long tailored jacket and a shorts playsuit in silks and crepes.  It was sold in Traid’s Dalston store and on their website.  Many thanks to The Right Project for facilitating the collaboration.


As a project for Autumn Winter 2014, Percival collaborated with the clothing charity Traid to make a special line of products in support of their work.  The mini-collection includes the Percival pea coat cut from meltons and camel cashmere, a selection of check shirts in soft brushed cotton, some outershirts in block colours and checks, slim-cut trousers in our unique fit and fine wool unstructured slim-cut blazers.  All items are manufactured in the UK with reclaimed textiles donated to TRAID.

When I visited TRAID’s warehouse, I was excited to discover the high quality of the fabrics that had been donated.  It made sense to match our design approach to TRAID’s resources.  At Percival, we build quality and longevity into the design of a garment, intending for it to be worn season after season.  This itself means there should be a reduction in waste; using waste material in the first place extends the idea.

Percival for TRAIDremade

Percival for TRAIDremade BlazerPercival for TRAIDremade OutershirtPercival for TRAIDremade Dark Grey Check BlazerPercival for TRAIDremade Classic ShirtPercival for TRAIDremade Classic Shirt

Image Credits:
Photography: Sam Christmas     |    Models: Bethany Harper Walsh, Mark Thompson, Sam Turrell, Luke Waller

Bethany wears pieces from a women’s range I designed “Olivia Hegarty for TRAIDremade”.  With thanks to Bella and Matt for house-boat location.

Freunde von Freunden Interview

German online magazine Freunde von Freunden spent a day with me at home and in the studio.  I talked about me, my things and Percival.

Dog Man Star, photo Owen RichardsMary Beard in the LRB, photo Owen Richards Olivia Hegarty photo Owen RichardsJay-o in the Box photo Owen Richards

Black White and Hydrangea, photo Owen RichardsPercival Studio Dalston photo Owen RichardsPercival Studio Dalston photo Owen Richards

This interview was also published on Zeit Online.



digital print on silk, 83cm x 110xm

digital print on silk, 83cm x 110xm

The End of Something… a collection of reflections on the global crisis

“If the World came to an end how would you imagine starting over?
What is the best thing about having less work, less money and
more time? How would you best spend your (Free*) time?

How can we re-orientate ourselves in a changing world? What do we hope for the future? A moment of recession marks a deceleration and slowing down, and an opening up to a time of reflection, reservation, and conservation. In a state of lull is there opportunity forge new values, forms of solidarity, closer familial ties, and healthier modes of consumption? Is there value within a moment of quietude for much needed reflection?”

The End of Something project at Volume, August 2009.
114-116 Amersham Vale, Deptford Police Station, New Cross, London SE14 6LG



As part of the Fashion Evolution week of events in Dublin, I’m running a clothes swap to collect stuffing for the second mounting of Infinite Context there.

Come down on May 2nd to The South William with as much of your old clothes as you can carry and swap with others – find some gems.

FREE IN //// BOYS AND GIRLS CLOTHES //// starts 8pm

(Bring down old cushions too if you have any for the seating sculpture)


The smallest actions have an impact in an interconnected closed and finite system.  The awareness of consequence tackles nihilism. To realise finitude is to unravel infinite possibility.  This creates a context for powerful action and a potential end to apathy.



With thanks to James Wignall (Structural Design), Monique Dorniak, Ryo Himuro and Camille Roman (Sewing) and all donors of garments and stuffing.


My seating sculpture will be shown at this exhibition.  Private View 17th March 2009, 7pm.


Theo Adams
James Balmforth
Gareth Cadwallader
Francesco Chiaro
Olivia Hegarty
Jordan Hunt

The Centre of the Universe presents an untitled, yet heroic group exhibition, a performance by Jordan Hunt and a public artist’s salon.  The show is happening within an exhibition by graduating students from the Royal College of Art’s Curating Contemporary Art MA course.

Jordan Hunt’s performance: 7.30pm on Tuesday 17th March
Interconnected Echoes – Matthew Stone’s Artist Salon: 3pm Saturday 23rd March

18 – 29 March 2009
Royal College of Art Galleries, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU
Open daily 11 am – 6pm, free admission.
Public information:
or Tel: 020 7590 4444
Press preview: 17 March, 10am – 12 noon
Private view: 17 March from 7pm
A full list of public events will be available on the website:


clothes exchange invite

I’m currently working on a giant seating structure for a group show coming up in March.  The piece is ambitious; it’s going to be huge. So with limited time until the exhibition I would love your help on the following:

  1. I’m looking for filling, I’ve a list of suitable material below, please contact me if you have any.
  2. I want to put together a like-minded team to construct the piece. We’ll be doing this in sections and if you can sew and have some time to contribute I’d love to hear from you.

List of materials needed:

  • Old cushions
  • Clothes / bed linen / towels
  • Remnants
  • Vintage fabrics and trims
  • Couch filler

The structure is to deal with the idea of UNBOUNDEDNESS, of interconnection, of a closed system with infinite parts.  Contours and projections from the shape will create places to sit on and into the piece.  It will be large in scale, intense in surface treatment and entirely composed of recycled textiles.

It will be shown at the RCA in March as part of the ‘Friends of the Divided Mind’ exhibition by the students of the Curating Contemporary Art Department.  The piece will be part of the Centre of the Universe section of this exhibition.


The seating sculpture is constructed as a cushion; a fabric shell stuffed with filling.  It will take up quite a large part of the gallery space as furniture for the performances and events that will take place during the course of the exhibition.  The shell will be a patchwork of found fabric and second-hand clothes in strong colours.