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CRY OUT – Theo Adams

CRY OUT the new theatrical production from the Theo Adams Company premiered in Tokyo November 30th 2009.  Costumes by Olivia Hegarty and Pipa Greenbank. all photos c/o


Pipa Greenbank and I work on design and pattern-cutting for Danny and Emilie of Passarella Death Squad.  This is the first ready to wear collection for the label due in the shops Spring/Summer 2010 season.  All is made in the UK with Japanese fabrics.


The Centre of the Universe present “Triumph of the Will“ a group exhibition curated by Catherine Borra, Gedvile Bunikyte, Olivia Hegarty & Matthew Stone 14th October – 1st November 2009 Featuring works by: James Balmforth Gareth Cadwallader David Ferrando Giraut Lewis Ronald Boo Saville Matthew Stone SuperBlu The group exhibition “Triumph of the Will“ emerges from a series of complex…


Hypnagogic Approach from Olivia Hegarty on Vimeo. Short film made with Ladan Anousfar and Gedvile Bunikyte for Windsor Film and Music Festival. Screened as an accompaniment to a live choir singing Nunc Dimittis by Arvo Part.  The film piece won the audience award at the event.


The End of Something… a collection of reflections on the global crisis “If the World came to an end how would you imagine starting over? What is the best thing about having less work, less money and more time? How would you best spend your (Free*) time? How can we re-orientate ourselves in a changing world? What do we hope…