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The Centre of the Universe present “Triumph of the Will“
a group exhibition curated by Catherine Borra, Gedvile Bunikyte, Olivia Hegarty & Matthew Stone

14th October – 1st November 2009

Featuring works by:

James Balmforth
Gareth Cadwallader
David Ferrando Giraut
Lewis Ronald
Boo Saville
Matthew Stone

The group exhibition “Triumph of the Will“ emerges from a series of complex questions that begin with Leni Reifenstahl‘s influential 1934 film of the same title. The film was commissioned and funded by Hitler and portrays the euphoric Nazi rise to power. The filming used 90 camera-men who captured over 1 million individuals. It is regarded as a landmark piece of cinema both technically and for its epic renderings of the united body-mass and their messianic leader. Despite Reifenstahl‘s later claims to the contrary, the film exists in collective consciousness as being the “most successful, most purely propagandistic film ever made.“ (Susan Sontag).

How do we understand the aesthetic legacy of this event?

Does any aesthetic embody and bear responsibility for the final solutions of ideology?

In the contexts of both the film and the works in this show, what is the power of the individuals depicted and those implicated as audience?

The Centre of the Universe is a nomadic art space.


digital print on silk, 83cm x 110xm

digital print on silk, 83cm x 110xm

The End of Something… a collection of reflections on the global crisis

“If the World came to an end how would you imagine starting over?
What is the best thing about having less work, less money and
more time? How would you best spend your (Free*) time?

How can we re-orientate ourselves in a changing world? What do we hope for the future? A moment of recession marks a deceleration and slowing down, and an opening up to a time of reflection, reservation, and conservation. In a state of lull is there opportunity forge new values, forms of solidarity, closer familial ties, and healthier modes of consumption? Is there value within a moment of quietude for much needed reflection?”

The End of Something project at Volume, August 2009.
114-116 Amersham Vale, Deptford Police Station, New Cross, London SE14 6LG

THE BUNKER – photos

www.dontpaniconline.com/magazine/home/the-bunker   Photo: Matthew Hass

www.dontpaniconline.com/magazine/home/the-bunker Photo: Matthew Hass

www.dontpaniconline.com/magazine/home/the-bunker   Photo: Matthew Hass

www.dontpaniconline.com/magazine/home/the-bunker Photo: Matthew Hass

www.dontpaniconline.com/magazine/home/the-bunker   Photo: Matthew Hass

www.dontpaniconline.com/magazine/home/the-bunker Photo: Matthew Hass





www.flickr.com/photos/keepingitfake  Photo: Cian O'Donovan

www.flickr.com/photos/keepingitfake Photo: Cian O’Donovan

THE BUNKER at The Centre of the Universe


Private View on Friday 29 May 2009 – 6pm-9pm
(The environment is very damp. Please wear appropriate shoes.)
(The Car Park end of) Abbot St, Hackney, London E8, UK



Not quite an exhibition, but a deep challenge to an environment. In an abandoned and unidentified post-war bunker, spreading out underneath Dalston, East London, this show is a response to the space it inhabits, and to the history it recalls.
THE BUNKER is propelled by the search for different spaces and modes of operation. Pushing our expectations for the future forward, we can trigger the motor of history to act, evolve and motion.
We have invited the following artists to activate the Bunker with us:

Pim Conradi
Pim Conradi’svisionstructures are visual sketches of an on-going research. Through his efforts, he aims to individuate structures that analyse the relationship between human life and the biosphere, and translate them into functional proposals that span from architecture to design. This is his first public appearance.
Pim is currently artist-in-residence at Area 10, London.

Jenny Moore-Koslowsky
Jenny Moore-Koslowsky is an artist, singer, song-writer and architect of the imagination. She navigates her work through allusions which are always mobile, questioning power relationships, disrupting balances and menacing comfortable confidence.
She has recently participated in ‘Contested Ground’,2009, at 176/Zabludowicz Collection, London; and has performed This is Impractical, for the exhibition ‘Gold&Delicious’, at The Apple Tree, London.
She is currently completing her MA in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths College, London.

Justin Gainan
Justin Gainan’s practice is a continuous struggle with objects on the verge between uniqueness and rubble, obsession and quietness.
Recent shows he has participated in include ‘The Shortest Short Story Ever Written,…’. 2008, FormContent, London; and ‘ThirtyFive Hours’,2009, HFBK project space, Hamburg.

He is also completing his MA in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths College, London.


On the evening, there will be a series of tailored screenings from video-sharing platforms, as well as a programme of interventions that will follow throughout the duration of the show.
The show is accompanied by a selection of publications, and specially commissioned material that survey the area from a cultural perspective – which are freely available to the public.

The Bunker is open until late June, by appointment only. To arrange a visit, please contact catherine@thecentreoftheuniverse.org.

THE BUNKER is a show curated by Catherine Borra.
THE BUNKER is produced by The Centre of the Universe, for and with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland.
Very special thanks to the Bootstrap Company & Antoine Sandoz.



As part of the Fashion Evolution week of events in Dublin, I’m running a clothes swap to collect stuffing for the second mounting of Infinite Context there.

Come down on May 2nd to The South William with as much of your old clothes as you can carry and swap with others – find some gems.

FREE IN //// BOYS AND GIRLS CLOTHES //// starts 8pm

(Bring down old cushions too if you have any for the seating sculpture)