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Title: Choices on Behalf of Others

The installation questions given cultural systems and contemporary politics of self, introducing ideas around the ‘individual’ and the ‘collective’. Exhibition attendees are invited to walk through the liminal space between self and other, where hundreds of fragile porcelainesque forms draw our attention to shared human commonalities.

Materials: Filo pastry, polyester thread, brass wire;  760cm x 360cm x 290cm
Exhibition: “You Get What You’re Given” Hoxton Arches, November 2016.


Choices on Behalf of Others Installation Olivia Hegarty filo pastry

Choices on Behalf of Others Installation    You Get What You're Given

Photos: Nathan Gregg


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Tent Repair Kits for Calais

Prompted by political chaos in the UK this year, I wanted to passionately speak up for the benefits of immigration. Inward movement of people from other cultures always enriches the countries and communities those people arrive in, whatever the motivation. People might have been drawn to come to a new place for work (as in my own case) or sadly forced to leave their home place for survival alone.  There are so many reasons why refugees in camps around Europe should not be in this situation. One reason being…countries that should receive them properly don’t recognise the benefits immigration can contribute to their own society.

As the first project of new art collective/design consultancy THE HIKE with Rosie O’Reilly, we volunteered with organisation Care4Calais and delivered 500 non-disposable tent repair kits with high quality, durable components to residents of the Calais migrant camps.   We used our skills to give repair workshops across the camp and by crowdfunding (well beyond our target) we raised the Migrant Crisis as a live discussion amongst our friends and contacts.

Project: THE HIKE, The Jungle at Calais, August 2016.

Rosie and Olivia in Calais

The Grantchester Tailors Guild – Whitechapel Gallery

photo whitechapel galleryphoto: Giles Round    Floor

Title: Uniform by The Grantchester Tailors Guild

General studio clothing printed with archive designs of The Grantchester Pottery.  The oversize multi- purpose workwear, one size for all, were provided to Whitechapel Gallery staff to wear throughout the duration of The London Open 2015. Each uniform consists of a workshirt and a printed apron designed to button onto the workshirt in a range of modes.

Materials: Indigo yarn-dyed Japanese cotton, digitally-printed cotton canvas
Exhibition: “The London Open” Whitechapel Gallery, July-September 2015.

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All garments of The Grantchester Tailors Guild are available to order.  For more information please contact atelier@thegrantchesterpottery.com


Alcoholic Architecture

photo kasia maciejowska  photo Kasia Maciejowska  photo AnnCharlottOmmedal  photo AnnCharlottOmmedal

Monastic-themed bar and hosts uniforms designed for Bompas & Parr’s Alcoholic Architecture project in Borough Market, July – December 2015.  The bar features a walk-in cloud of breathable cocktail.

Olivia Hegarty for Bompas & Parr

The underground bar sits next to the UK’s earliest gothic cathedral and on the site of an ancient monastery.  The bar staff mix drinks from spirits and beers created by monks: potions such as Chartreuse, Benedictine, Trappist beer and the notorious Buckfast.

Apron  Shoes1  Dress Shirt  Medallion