Olivia Hegarty, photo credit Cian O'Donovan

Olivia Hegarty is a multidisciplinary artist and menswear designer.  With her Dublin education and training, she has pursued a London-based design career since 2004.  Her artwork aims to question inherited systems and the contemporary politics of self.

As well as her own textile-based art and installation work, she has designed costume for performance art and contemporary dance in London.  Alongside Rosie O’Reilly, the duo form the multidiscipline art collective/design consultancy THE HIKE, which looks at the crossover of technology, ideas, craft and change.

Olivia is a founder of Soho-based men’s clothing label Percival.  Her design interests centre around an appreciation of textiles and the responsibility (borne by all designers) to produce sustainably.  Olivia is also a founding member of art-clothing collective The Grantchester Tailors Guild, the clothing wing of The Grantchester Pottery.